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Nomos Software acquired by XMLdation

We are pleased to announce that Nomos Software Ltd has been acquired by XMLdation.

XMLdation is the most recommended provider of development and onboarding services for standardized transaction messages: ISO20022 XML, JSON-APIs and others. The company provides validation, simulation and message management SaaS, along with expert consulting and tailored project assistance. The acquisition of Nomos Software Ltd strengthens XMLdation’s leading position in the markets, as the company’s expertise deepens by Tricia Balfe and David Garry stepping on board.

“We’re excited to be acquiring Nomos.” said Juha Keski-Nisula, Founder of XMLdation Ltd. “XMLdation has been a forerunner in the space of financial XML message transactions, and Nomos Software will further strengthen our offering with its knowledge and technology regarding PSD2 and APIs.”

According to Tricia Balfe, Nomos CEO: “We’ve entered a new era of banking, where enterprises increasingly require new services to run business-critical applications in real time, and bank APIs are an essential enabler. With their history of innovation in XML technologies and their knowledge of the payments domain, we believe XMLdation is a great partner for banks in the PSD2 era. We look forward to being able to accelerate rollout and uptake of bank APIs as part of the XMLdation team.”

“The PSD2 initiative means that banks are moving beyond the traditional transaction messaging channels into offering APIs, which allow the banks to offer new and innovative, real-time services to customers. We aim to be a forerunner for end-to-end testing and documentation in the API/PSD2 world.” said Jarkko Leppälahti, CEO of XMLdation Ltd.

About Nomos Software

Nomos Software provides technology that assists with enterprise API programmes. The technology is used to create prototypes, sandboxes and tests for public, partner and internal APIs fast.

More information about Nomos Software: http://www.nomos-software.com/

About XMLdation

XMLdation is a world leader in financial messaging. Our solutions are designed for banks and clearers.

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