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Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank automates payment system testing with XMLdation

XMLdation helps Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank (apoBank) to automate the testing of the payment hub in it’s new core banking system

XMLdation, the leading provider of payment testing solutions, announced today that apoBank,  a cooperative bank headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, has implemented XMLdation SaaS product for payment testing.

The deployment is related to the digitalisation strategy of apoBank in which it decided to implement the Avaloq core banking system. As part of this critical project, Avaloq will introduce a totally new, modern payment hub to apoBank, helping it send and receive domestic, cross-border and SEPA payments (credit transfers, debits, and card transactions).

XMLdation’s software serves as the test automation platform in the project, helping apoBank and it’s suppliers make sure that the payment hub works according to defined business rules, and is compliant with the regulations of Deutsche Bundesbank. The testing in this core banking renewal project takes into account the following scenarios:

  • Creating initiated payments by business and retail customers, and related notifications
  • Checking the output of passed through payments to clearing
  • Creating payments to be received from clearing, and related notifications
  • Various exception handling scenarios such as payment rejections

XMLdation automates the payment hub testing in the following ways for apoBank and Avaloq:

  • The project staff can create sets of payment test data manually, and in automated fashion for each test execution. The data created is always up-to-date, with dynamic values (timestamps, IDs, etc.).
  • The data the payment hub has processed can be validated, ie checked for correctness to ensure that clearing system will always be sent the right data.

XMLdation’s SaaS product was selected by the project team due to these features, which are unique in the market. Payments testing is an area that is to undergo a rampup in the coming years due to a flood of new requirements.

“We’re extremely delighted to be working with apoBank in this very cool, transformative project” said Jarkko Leppälahti, CEO, XMLdation. ”We offer a product for core banking renewal projects, where new payment hubs are introduced, which cuts down manual testing effort. It is something that is hard to create as an in-house solution, or buy as a product. This field requires in-depth understanding of payment processing and needs to comply with industry standards.”

22 May 2019

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