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XMLdation response to COVID-19 pandemic: Our operations and extending support

As the COVID-19 epidemic continues to evolve, we want to share information with our customers on the business continuity plan that XMLdation has put in place to ensure continued business operations.
In addition, in discussions with several clients we’ve learned that there is a more urgent demand for electronic payments in place of cash or checks among corporates initiating payments to banks. We want to help our customers, and fellow fintechs in these challenging times to the best of our abilities, and we will do our best to respond to their changing priorities. Therefore, we are announcing two features of our SaaS product free of charge for the time being.

Our operations during the pandemic

As per our business continuity plan, we’ve taken and will continue to take all possible actions to safeguard our customers’ and users’ business operations while maintaining the safety of our employees. Being able to respond quickly to rapidly-evolving situations like the current while maintaining uninterrupted service is part of XMLdation’s business continuity planning and a big part of our commitment to our customers.

Keeping our operations running is critical to us. To keep our employees safe, and limit the overall spread of the virus, we have taken the following measures:

  • Work from home practices are part of normal business operations, and we’ve now extended that to a full remote work policy throughout our offices, and use the same policy with our subcontractors
  • We currently leverage a range of best-of-breed technologies for secure file sharing (Dropbox), video communication (GoToMeeting), messaging (Slack), and other critical cloud-based tools to deliver uninterrupted remote work for all employees.
  • We’ve reviewed that all of our business critical data information is in shared storage location and accessible remotely by all staff with correct access, and we’ve also checked that backup mechanisms work.
  • All business travel is prohibited.
  • We have canceled our attendance at conferences and trade shows for March, April, and May.

All of our SaaS-related product operations will continue as usual and we will maintain our high-quality service level to our users. We will continue to provide our customers and users support as agreed, and continue the on-going projects exactly as planned before the pandemic. Our team works in a distributed manner from Europe and North America, taking care of our service level and commitments.

We are monitoring the crisis situation, and reviewing our business continuity plan in case it needs adjustment to cater for an extended crisis situation as a result of the pandemic.

Our support for encouraging remote work for our customers

We have seen that there is more urgent demand from bank corporate clients to enable electronic payments processes, and at the same time we have witnessed a huge demand for electronic payments instead of cash and checks. At the same time, we are aware that there may be fewer support staff at banks over the coming weeks and months to provide support to corporate clients and fintechs. Therefore, we are announcing two features of our product free of charge for March, April and May:

  • If you are a SME fintech company needing to comply with an ISO20022-based payment scheme file format, drop us a line and we’ll create an account for you, and enable our validation feature for free use.
  • For our existing bank customers, if you are not currently using self-service testing accounts for your clients, XMLdation will enable this feature upon request. This means that our bank customers can create user accounts for their corporate clients free of charge for this time. Self-service testing is an activity that reduces load on bank support channels, and enables a client-to-bank integration without face-to-face meetings. For assistance, drop us a line into our email support channel We also offer free trainings for our bank customers on utilising self-service testing for corporate clients.

Stay healthy

We at XMLdation would like to make sure we support all our employees, customers and corporate users to stay healthy – through remote work and social distancing. Our SaaS product is ideal for client-to-bank integration work at home, offering features such as sharing specifications and offering visibility to bank support teams to see what their clients are testing. Please reach out to us at any point if we can be doing more to help you stay healthy.

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