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UniCredit Bank Austria supports customers in XML migration

As corporate customers are facing the need to migrate their cash management processes to XML, UniCredit Bank Austria has chosen a proactive role to support their clients. By utilizing the XMLdation Service, the bank has been able to provide the best possible support for their customers, with positive results throughout.

“We are paving the way for our corporate customers to deploy XML in Austria and internationally,” Head of Product Development Payments Austria Imre Mentsik summarizes how the bank has been supporting its customers in their migration efforts; “as long-term users of the XMLdation Service, we have profited from the invaluable benefits for us and our customers during all phases of XML migration projects.”

The provision of proactive support for its customers is far more than an imagae question for UniCredit Bank Austria. By offering a holistic and low-threshold service, the bank empowers its customers to approach XML migrations based on proven best practice, rather than just assisting them in solving problems emerging late in the process.

Mentsik highlights that the feedback received has been unanimously positive: “The service is easy to use and its validation reports are appreciated as they reliably reveal both syntax and business rule errors. The background information from the XMLdation Wiki has proven useful when fixing errors.”

“We can now consistently provide the highest level of service to all our customers”

But the XMLdation Service has not only strengthened the bank’s role and image as a proactive partner while giving corporates access to the most advanced testing tools on the market. At the end of the day, the use of the cloud-based service translates into remarkable savings for the bank, both in time and money. To start with, the service allowed the bank to develop its customer service in a cost-efficient way: “In comparison to the old situation, where our service quality was dependent on the XML competence of each support specialist, we can now consistently provide the highest level of service to all our customers”, Mentsik explains.

In addition, the XMLdation Service has significantly reduced support workload. This allows the bank’s experts to focus on process level work rather than handling technical formatting details.

And while summarizing the success story of UniCredit Bank Austria’s approach to its customers’ XML migrations, one more manifestation of the ROI becomes evident: the efficient testing environment has led to a significant decrease in errors in the bank’s production environment, yet another source of savings.

The XML revolution in payments has only just started, and UniCredit Bank Austria aims to be the most supportive partner to its customers also in the future. In close cooperation with XMLdation, the bank is now planning to further develop its customer on-boarding and XML management.

About UniCredit Bank Austria

Bank Austria is Austria’s leading corporate bank and a long-term strategic financing partner for Austrian industry, from commercial customers through to major enterprises. Export-focused corporate customers in particular benefit from Bank Austria’s extensive network and its foothold in 13 countries across Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the global UniCredit network. Bank Austria is also the principal bank for most corporate customers and wins particular plaudits for its funding expertise and excellent contacts with funding bodies. 

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