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What Has ISO 20022 Ever Done For Me?
Testing Times: Making ISO 20022 testing the bedrock of payments infrastructure modernization
ISO 20022 Myths - Busted!
Understanding the new 2019/2020 ISO 20022 pain.001 message version
[Infographic] ISO 20022 in Payments Domain
[Infographic] Payment Systems Modernization
[Infographic] Client onboarding – it shouldn’t break the bank
Payments and Transaction Banking Customer Experience – Client Integration as Competitive Edge for Banks
Webinar materials: ISO 20022 in the year 2020 – All you wanted to know but were afraid to ask
Supporting commercial clients through the payments setup process at BMO
Uncovering 5 secrets for rapid client implementations and great customer experience in payments and corporate banking
XMLdation Feature Image
[Tip Sheet] Instant Payments Product Launch
API sandbox: What does ‘good’ look like in a sandbox – a simple example
PSD2 / API Programmes: Engaging with Techies
PSD2 & CMA : APIs and changing IT demands
XMLdation Feature Image
Automated test file generation – creating messages for comprehensive testing in an instant
Flexible business rule management is key to efficient message validation
PSD2 on the horizon: JSON / API testing to become competitive asset as European banks are required to provide XS2A
Easy access to XML validation is key in customer on-boarding
A centralized approach to the efficient documentation of XML schemas and business rules
Automated interfaces for XML validation facilitate continuous software testing
Payment process simulation in the cloud: Paving the way for scalable end-to-end testing