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The ISO 20022 Chronicles with XMLdation

Step into the world of ISO 20022 with us!

We interviewed three ISO 20022 specialists who will shed light on the importance of ISO 20022, product perspectives, and its future. Be part of our adventure as we explore this important topic in payments and beyond.


Interview with Isak Penttilä

In the first part of our series, we interviewed Isak Penttilä, an ISO 20022 expert with extensive experience working with Payment System Operators.



In this video, he explains why ISO 20022 is so important for Payment System Operators.


In the second part of the interview, ISO 20022 expert Isak Penttilä answers the question, "Is there a skill and knowledge gap in ISO 20022?"


Interview with Paul Ruskin

In the second part of our series, we interviewed Paul Ruskin, Director - Business Development of Trace Financial. He has plenty of experience with ISO 20022, supporting banks that need legacy to ISO 20022 transformation for Wires modernization and other programs.



In this video, he provides more information about the products Trace Financial offers to banks.




In the second half of his interviews, Paul Ruskin answers the question, "How will the ISO 20022 migrations play out?"



Interview with Lauren Jones

We interviewed Lauren Jones for the third part of our series. She has worked with ISO 20022 for many years and is currently working with Open Banking.



 In the first part of her interview, Lauren talks about the future of ISO 20022.



In the second part of the interview, Lauren answers a question about the importance of ISO 20022 for open banking.


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