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XMLdation for real time and test automation

XMLdation has expanded its offering to deliver payments testing solutions for instant payments that combine the best IT test automation tools with ISO 20022-aware validation and simulation.

We know that efficient and automated processes are essential for 21st century banks. This is especially true as banks respond to customer and consumer demand and move to introduce instant and real time payment products.

Testing must be ISO 20022-aware

XMLdation is well-known for its expertise in payments messaging and in testing services for ISO 20022. The real time payments ‘rails’ in a growing number of geographies around the globe either operate now, or are expected to operate, with ISO 20022. These include Instant Payments Schemes in Europe, Real Time Rails in Canada, NPP in Canada and The ClearingHouse Real-Time Payments (TCH RTP) in the US. Testing solutions for real time need to be ‘ISO 20022’-aware.

Testing for real time must be automated

Test execution processes traditionally used by banks are also a significant challenge when it comes to real time payments systems. Banks often rely on manual steps in test runs: manual creation of files for batch processing, and ‘after the fact’ evaluation of test results. This approach just won’t work for instant and real time payments. Banks need to adopt IT best practices such as continuous integration and test automation. For Instant Payments, banks need fast, automated, anytime execution of tests with “instantly” created test payment requests, instantly evaluated responses and instantly orchestrated test flows.

To learn more about how to accelerate your instant payments product launch, download our tip sheet here.

20 June 2018

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XMLdation is a world leader in financial messaging. Our solutions are designed for banks and clearers.

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