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Unraveling ISO 20022: Interview with Samantha Carrier

At AFP 2023 in San Diego, we had the opportunity to interview Samantha Carrier, Senior Director of Consultancy at Nacha.

ISO 20022 is the globally recognized standard for payment messaging, serving as the foundation for seamless transactions across the globe and various financial institutions. ISO 20022's specifically built structure streamlines transaction processes while also improving efficiency, accuracy, and transparency, enabling smooth and reliable communication across the financial ecosystem.

The implementation of ISO 20022 standards by organizations and financial institutions leads to multiple advantages. The standard streamlines data quality by enabling a more complete and structured information exchange. This increased data richness improves analytics, reporting, and compliance capabilities.

In this interview, Martin and Samantha highlighted the vital importance of ISO 20022 adoption and automated testing solutions for US banks. By adopting this standard, banks can boost operational efficiency, improve client experiences, and ensure regulatory compliance.


Interview with Samantha Carrier



In this video, Samantha gives more insight into the main drivers of ISO adoption by banks in the United States.


In the second part of her interview, Samantha is asked if she sees a need for testing solutions when it comes to ACH.



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