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Supporting commercial clients through the payments setup process at BMO

This webinar, brought to you by XMLdation, BMO and Payments Canada, provided an overview of the process for setting up file-based payments with a bank.

As corporations scale, Treasury Departments must look at ways to improve internal processes. Improving efficiency often involves payment system and process updates and requires going through a technical enablement step – often the implementation of new, automated services, with their bank. From the treasury perspective, they simply want the new payment process to work, but the technical enablement can be slow and cumbersome.

Watch the webinar recording below and hear how BMO supports commercial clients with smarter testing – for faster implementation of file-based payments and a better client experience.

Duration: 29 minutes

Download slides here

About XMLdation

XMLdation is a world leader in testing for payments messaging and APIs, covering ISO 20022, SWIFT MT along with national and proprietary payments formats.

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