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ISILIS powers its banking mobility platform with XMLdation

XMLdation enables ISILIS to create an end-to-end platform that automates the exchange of data for consumer and corporate account switching in France.

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XMLdation, the leading provider of payment onboarding and testing solutions, announced today that ISILIS, leading provider of banking mobility solutions in France, has implemented XMLdation SaaS platform embedded into its bank account switching service.

The so-called Macron Law became into effect on February 6, 2017 in France which requires banks to allow consumers to easily change banks. In order to facilitate this, an automated process called Aigue-Marine to exchange data between banks was designed based on the French SEPAMail standard. ISILIS, a market leader in handling the backoffice process for bank account switching in France, saw this as a new opportunity to automate its whole backoffice processing.

ISILIS selected XMLdation to help it automate the validation and error handling processes related to the exchange of data. XMLdation platform was implemented in less than a month in January 2017, helping ISILIS to be the first service provider in the French banking market who was able to offer productised solution that complied with the so-called Macron Law. The platform has been live since February 2017, and it has fulfilled the performance requirements by reaching peak of 100,000 processed bank account switching transactions per day.

“By leveraging XMLdation, we have saved months of development time and enabled a robust, real-time error-handling process”

The ISILIS platform has to carry bank account transaction history for 24 months from one bank to another, and in the process the recipient bank is responsible to guarantee that the on-going direct debits, standing orders, and other payments will continue to be paid into the correct destinations once the new account in the recipient bank has been created. The difficulty in a consumer or a corporate bank account switch is that this data often contain unidentifiable objects and errors, which makes it difficult to automatically exchange data between the banks. XMLdation’s platform is used to check the data in real time via its Validator API. It then is able to pinpoint, filter out and offer correction suggestions for the data.

“By leveraging XMLdation, we have saved months of development time and enabled a robust, real-time error-handling process” said George Kammermann, CEO, ISILIS. ”We offer a service for French banks which is something that is hard to create as an in-house solution, or buy as a product. It requires in-depth understanding of the bank account switching business process and needs to adhere to strict timelines to comply with the consumer legislation. XMLdation’s platform enables us to do this.”

31 October 2017

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