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XMLdation selected for Mastercard Lighthouse Fall 2020 program

XMLdation was selected for the Mastercard Lighthouse Program Fall Class of 2020.


The Lighthouse Program is Mastercard’s Nordic partnership platform designed to strengthen the financial services ecosystem in the region. Mastercard organises the program in cooperation with banking partners, venture capital funds, and legal and strategy experts. 15 companies from Nordic countries were selected for this edition of the program. Past winners have typically signed commercial agreements with multiple Lighthouse program members such as Mastercard, Tier 1 banks and other fintech companies.

“Mastercard is a category leader in payments infrastructure, and has great ties with various industry players. We’re excited to get to work with Mastercard and the partners at Lighthouse.”, says Jarkko Leppälahti, CEO of XMLdation.

Link to Mastercard’s press release: https://mclighthouse.com/mastercard-lighthouse-programs-fall-edition-of-2020/

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XMLdation is a world leader in financial messaging. Our solutions are designed for banks and clearers.

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