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Conference: Future of Payments Middle East & Africa

 Leveraging Instant PaymentSystemand  ISO 20022 Standards toTransformthe  Payment Landscape in the MEAregion

This shift has put a bigger burden on regulators and financial institutions to  advance the payment market infrastructure as they need to identify how to  inter-operate with multiple payment schemes around the world, combat the  increased risk of fraud, and develop new services to realise value for their  customers and shareholders. In addition to this, with the growing adoption of  instant payment systems, the new financial payment regulations such as the  PSD2 and ISO 20022, financial institutions in the region are under pressure to  deliver real-time payment services domestically and cross-border in this new  fast-paced digitalmarketplace.

Achieving 24-7 payment domestically and cross-border in real-time, however,  often comes with several challenges making it imperative for regulators and  financial institutions to reform the current business models and adopt latest  standards andsystems.

As the Instant Payment System and ISO 20022 are being adopted in the region,  the Future of Payments Middle East and Africa Digiconference will bring together  CIOs, CDOs, payment and compliance leaders from the region and payment  technology experts to look at the implementation of the region’s payment  system and how the sector can successfully transform the sector to become  Instant Payment and ISO2002 compliant.

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XMLdation is a world leader in testing for payments messaging and APIs, covering ISO 20022, SWIFT MT along with national and proprietary payments formats.

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