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NextGen Nordics - 23 April

NextGen Nordics is here again!


The Nordic countries have been ahead of the game in digital, mobile, and instant payment innovations. They have paved the way for early digital transformation and built trust between banks and their customers. With the full support of Nordic governments, banks have joined forces on various initiatives, like debit cards, bank IDs, and payments infrastructure. This solid foundation has created a thriving financial services industry that we see today.

Get ready for the NextGen Nordics conference, where experts will discuss the future of payments. This year's hot topics are collaboration, real-time payments, cross-border transactions, and the adoption of ISO 20022 standards. There will also be discussions about central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), data security, fraud mitigation, buy now pay later (BNPL) services, and emerging Web 3 technologies.

The agenda is packed with interesting sessions on enhancing interoperability and infrastructure to foster even greater collaboration within the Nordic payments ecosystem. The conference will also focus on revitalizing the real-time cross-border payment experience and making it seamless and universally accessible. It's the perfect opportunity to learn from data experts on how to effectively combat fraud, money laundering, and even leverage cutting-edge technologies and enhance automation.

Don't miss out on the NextGen Nordics conference – it's going to be epic! You can reach out to us using the form below or swing by the venue and say hello.

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