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Webinar materials: ISO 20022 in the year 2020 – All you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

For this webinar, we asked in advance for registrants to provide questions and topics related to recent developments on ISO 20022. We received over a 100 questions – thank you!

For the webinar presentation, we took the questions we received and formed three topics that we focused on:

  • The benefits of ISO 20022 for the relevant stakeholders
  • The coexistence of standards
  • The connection between ISO 20022 and Open Banking APIs

There were a lot of questions that we were unable to answer due to the sheer volume – but not to worry, we asked the audience in the end of the webinar to vote for topics of the next webinar. We will be organising another session shortly, and we’ll have a form where you can submit new questions on the website soon!

In addition, don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to chat about payment standards, file formats, testing and related topics.

Watch the webinar recording below and hear our experts talk about these topics.

Duration: 49 minutes

Download slides here

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