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Participation in Windy City Summit May 2021, Chicago

XMLdation joined Kate Choi of BMO at Chicago's Windy City Summit 2021, to discuss the treasury trend of the year, automation.

The session was titled "Automation is for everyone: Speeding up your payments process”. Kate and Tricia Balfe, XMLdation CEO, explained how treasuries can automate payments flow and leverage market leading automation enablers. 

Everyday payments are getting faster and more data rich, and smart companies are taking advantage. The session covered steps to a more simplified payments experience, including the latest global standards like ISO 20022 and different ways to automate. 
Banks can support their corporate clients’ automation journey through payments file testing and API testing solutions that streamline the payments setup process. Read more about XMLdation payments file testing solution here, and check out about the Payments File Validation Service (PFVS), the Payments Canada online service in use at BMO and powered by XMLdation here.
The session was run on Wednesday, May 12 at 2pm CT. The recording is available to those registered for the Windy City Summit. 

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